MenSe V-TEC harvester feed wheels

Feed rollers for harvester heads, Cutters, Hydraulic hose clamps, Rotators and Sawmill machine rollers

Also contract manufacturing, reconditioning of harvester feed wheels and rubber molding services

MenSe Oy is engaged in the development of new solutions and innovations for the mechanized harvesting and clearing of timber. The company was founded in 1996. We design, manufacture and sell feed rollers for forest harvesters and sawmills, hydraulic cutters, clearing ad-ons to harvester heads and hose binding accessories. We also perform various subcontracting works, such as robot welding, CNC machining, vulcanizing, and contractual manufacturing. MenSe Oy is situated in Taavetti, Finland.

High quality and sustainable development. Focus on ecological and ethical values

Our operations are based on understanding of our customers’ individual needs and flexible service. Our goal is to always fulfil and even exceed their expectations, without compromising the quality and craftsmanship of our operations. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. We respond quickly and make sure the necessary products and services are delivered conveniently and in keeping with the schedule agreed. We take every effort for continual improvement of our supply chain, as well as for development of our quality and efficiency. We also pay attention to ecological and ethical values in our operation. As a proof of long-term commitment to professional and consistent pursuit of business, MenSe Oy has achieved ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certifications.

MenSe Oy company presentation -video (2 min)

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New products

Debarking feed wheel for Komatsu S132 harvester heads

Steel feed wheel, debarking 20 mm

1 650,00 € VAT 0%
2 046,00 € VAT 24%
XL steel feed roller for John Deere H414 harvester head

☆☆☆OFFER☆☆☆ Steel feed wheel XL

550,00 € VAT 0%
682,00 € VAT 24%
☆☆☆OFFER☆☆☆ Flexible feed wheel, aggressive

☆☆☆OFFER☆☆☆ Flexible feed wheel, aggressive

1 980,00 € VAT 0%
2 455,20 € VAT 24%
Mounting kit for MER rotators

Mounting kit for rotator MER9

220,00 € VAT 0%
272,80 € VAT 24%
Rotator MER9

Rotator MER9

1 260,00 € VAT 0%
1 562,40 € VAT 24%
A debarking steel feed wheel for John Deere  H762C harvester heads

Steel feed wheel, debarking, 20 mm

1 500,00 € VAT 0%
1 860,00 € VAT 24%
Rotator MER21

Rotator MER21

2 900,00 € VAT 0%
3 596,00 € VAT 24%
Rotator IMO WD-L 0343

Rotator IMO WD-L 0343

3 450,00 € VAT 0%
4 278,00 € VAT 24%
Rotator IMO WD-L 0223

Rotator IMO WD-L 0223

3 035,00 € VAT 0%
3 763,40 € VAT 24%
Rotator IMO WD-L 0156

Rotator IMO WD-L 0156

3 340,00 € VAT 0%
4 141,60 € VAT 24%
Rotator MER14

Rotator MER14

1 700,00 € VAT 0%
2 108,00 € VAT 24%
Rotator MER7

Rotator MER7

1 053,00 € VAT 0%
1 305,72 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for AFM 55 harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel AFM 55

667,00 € VAT 0%
827,08 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for Ponsse H53 harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel Ponsse H53

590,00 € VAT 0%
731,60 € VAT 24%
Debarking upper feed wheel for Komatsu C144 harvester heads

Debarking upper feed wheel

700,00 € VAT 0%
868,00 € VAT 24%

Top sellers

Ø20 x 20

Ø20 x 20

0,65 € VAT 0%
0,81 € VAT 24%
Ø16 x 14

Ø16 x 14

0,45 € VAT 0%
0,56 € VAT 24%
Ø22 x 22

Ø22 x 22

0,90 € VAT 0%
1,12 € VAT 24%
Ø16 x 17

Ø16 x 17

0,50 € VAT 0%
0,62 € VAT 24%
Ø22 x 16

Ø22 x 16

0,55 € VAT 0%
0,68 € VAT 24%
Hose holder Multi-1

Hose holder Multi-1

24,00 € VAT 0%
29,76 € VAT 24%
Hose holder 4×22

Hose holder 4×22

21,00 € VAT 0%
26,04 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for Ponsse H6/H7/H8 harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel Ponsse H6/H7/H8

667,00 € VAT 0%
827,08 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for John Deere H414 harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel John Deere H414

741,00 € VAT 0%
918,84 € VAT 24%
Flexible feed roller 22x13 for Rottne 400 harvester heads

Flexible feed wheel 22×13

867,00 € VAT 0%
1 075,08 € VAT 24%
Flexible XL feed roller for John Deere H412 harvester heads

Flexible feed wheel XL, spike 16×14

1 416,00 € VAT 0%
1 755,84 € VAT 24%
Aggressive steel feed wheel for Ponsse H73 harvester heads

Steel feed wheel, aggressive 22x30

675,00 € VAT 0%
837,00 € VAT 24%
Debarking feed wheel for LogMax 6000 harvester heads

Steel feed wheel, debarking 20 mm

1 650,00 € VAT 0%
2 046,00 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for John Deere H415 (Black Bruin Multispeed) harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel John Deere H415 BBR Multispeed

1 074,00 € VAT 0%
1 331,76 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for Komatsu 350 harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel Komatsu 350

705,00 € VAT 0%
874,20 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for Komatsu C93 harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel Komatsu C93

660,00 € VAT 0%
818,40 € VAT 24%
V-TEC feed roller for Ponsse H5 harvester heads

V-TEC feed wheel Ponsse H5

720,00 € VAT 0%
892,80 € VAT 24%

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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are valid from 10.11.2016 in deliveries to destinations outside of Finland. (Terms concerning deliveries to Finland: see our web shop in Finnish)

Web shop:

Mense Oy
Hallikuja 2


We sell products to companies and adult private persons in Finland and other countries inside and outside the EU. If you are ordering to Finland, product prices include VAT. We reserve rights to change product prices and freight costs.

Placing an order

Products are ordered via Internet at the Mense web shop by placing the desired products in the shopping cart and paying the provided price using the web shop’s payment service provider. All user information is processed confidentially. If not otherwise mentioned, the information given by the user when ordering, is used solely for the purpose of delivering the products or clarifying ambiguities in the order. When placing an order the customer accepts these terms and conditions. A valid email address is required to place an online order.

Methods of payment

The payment service provider is Paytrail. Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) is a collecting payment service provider and an authorized payment institution that works in cooperation with Finnish bank and credit institutions. Paytrail Plc is shown as the payment recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Plc, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181 830

Order confirmation

Once an order has been received, an order confirmation with details of the order will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. Always check the order confirmation and if there is a problem or you want to ask us something, contact our customer service. Keep the order confirmation in your possession in case you need to contact our customer service. When contacting us you need to provide us with your customer number and your order number. When you receive the products, always check that the contents of the delivery match your order confirmation. We recommend that you carefully retain the order confirmation, as this document also serves as a certificate of the purchase date in case of a complaint or a return.

Delivery methods and delivery costs

The delivery costs include packing and shipping and the freight or postal costs. The shopping cart shows you the estimated delivery costs by our preferred shipping method. The exact delivery costs are shown once you have chosen your preferred payment and shipping method. The available shipping methods depend on the contents of your shopping cart.
The delivery methods to Europe are:
- GLS Euro Business Parcel for deliveries max. 35 kg and
- DB Schenker for deliveries over 35 kg.

The delivery method to destinations outside of Europe will  be defined case-by-case.

Any customs fees, taxes or other import costs are solely the buyer’s responsibility.

Delivery time

If we have the ordered product in stock, the order will usually be packed for shipment during the next day after the payment. Delivery time to destinations outside of Europe will be given case-by-case. The usual transport times to Europe are:
- GLS Euro Business Parcels (max. 35 kg): 2-7 days
- DB Schenker (over 35 kg): shipment days from Mense Oy Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, transport time 3-14 days.

If we don’t have the ordered product in stock, we shall contact the customer by e-mail and give an estimate of the delivery time. In this case the production time is usually:
- cutters: 4 weeks from order
- flexible feed wheels: 2 weeks from order
- steel feed wheels: 1 week from order
- other products: 1 week from order

Mense Oy is not accountable for delays or indirect damages caused by delays due to force majeure.

Returns policy

Right of withdrawal
A company customer must contact Mense Oy latest at the time of receiving the delivery in order to negotiate the right to return the products. A private person has the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without announcing the reason. The withdrawal period ends within 14 days starting from the day you received the last shipment, or in the case of downloadable products, from the moment you received the order.
In order to use your right of withdrawal, you must notify us about your wish to cancel the contract in an unambiguous way (for instance, by mail or email).
In order to follow the deadline of the return period, you must send us the notice of return before the return period ends.
Effects of withdrawal
If a company customer decides to cancel this contract, he must contact Mense Oy in order to negotiate the costs of cancellation. If a private customer decides to cancel this contract, we will return you all transactions we have received from you, including shipping costs (but excluding additional costs from using a different shipping method than the most affordable one recommended by us by default), without delay and in any case within 14 days counting from the time we received your notice of return. We will perform the refund using the payment method you used in the original transaction, if you have not explicitly agreed otherwise, and in any case at no additional cost to you.
A company customer must contact Mense Oy latest at the time of receiving the delivery in order to negotiate how and with what cost the goods should be returned. A private person must send the goods back without delay and within 14 days from sending the notice of return. You will have followed the due date, if you send the goods back before said 14-day period ends.
You are only responsible for the kind of value decrease of the goods that did not result from treatment that is required for determining the nature, properties and functionality of the goods.

Unclaimed delivery 

Failing to claim a delivery is not a Cancellation or a Return. Unless you have made a valid cancellation or are returning a product in accordance with our returns policy, you are responsible for the delivery costs for both delivery and return.

Problem situations

If a product has been damaged or lost during shipping or does not match your order, you must notify Mense Oy within 14 days of receiving the product.  If the shipment  has clearly been damaged in transit, a damage report should immediately be filed to the transport company in question.

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