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Weed cutting buckets

For cutting and harvesting aquatic plants

A sturdy weed cutting bucket designed and manufactured by MenSe®. Easy to attach onto e.g. excavators. The bucket can be used both below and above the water level. Also suitable for areas where the bottom of the water body should not be damaged = the ecosystem is not damaged. However, if necessary, the bucket can also be used to remove soil.

The collected cutting waste can be spread, e.g. onto a field for fertilization, or further processed into bio-waste.

For cutting and gathering thickets and brushwood

The cutting and gathering of thickets and brushwood is also very simple with a weed cutting bucket. A cutting bucket can cut very thin reeds and grass as well as tree pieces that are up to 7 cm in diameter.

Equipped with a cutting Hardox blade

Externally, the weed cutting bucket resembles an excavator bucket. The bucket attaches to the excavator boom with a quick coupler; hydraulic hoses are also needed for pressure and return. The MenSe NK7-250 needs an oil flow of 70 liters/minute. Its cutting area is quite large when attached onto a long-boomed excavator. The weed cutting bucket is easy to use, and learning to operate it takes no time at all. Operating the weed cutting bucket isn't very different from normal digging.

Back and forth movement is achieved with the help of a special cylinder

The scoop part is perforated, allowing the water to escape from the bucket. The bucket can be equipped with additional sides which substantially increase the bucket's volume. This is important when you need to process a lot of vegetation. The standard bucket lip plate is replaced by a cutting Hardox blade that is sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. The blade consists of five separate blades, and any damaged part is easy to replace. The movement of the blade is achieved by means of a special cylinder.

Various uses of the weed cutting bucket

Uses for the NK7-250 weed cutting bucket: lakes, rivers, ditches, ditch sides, reeds, removing or gathering aquatic plants, landscaping, roadsides, line clearing, etc.

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