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Published 19.10.2023

AGRITECHNICA 12.-18.11.2023



Mense Oy participates in the AGRITECHNICA 2023 in Hanover. Products are on display in hall 26, stand 26J30. On display at the stand will be, for example, a safe RP-cutter that can also be used in urban areas. Applications from landscaping to line clearing. The NK7-250 mowing bucket for mowing and collecting aquatic plants. Slewing drives, quick hitch couplers, feed rollers for harvester heads and sawmills.

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MenSe Oy also pay attention to ecological and ethical values in our operation. As a proof of long-term commitment to professional and consistent pursuit of business, MenSe® has achieved ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certifications.

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Hedge cutters from MenSe® is lightweight and compact: The high cutting force and wide cutting area (1.3 - 2.4 meters) bring the efficiency of the cutter to a new level. The cutting blades cut 4-10 cm diameter trunks with a single stroke.…

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Weed cutting buckets

For cutting and harvesting aquatic plants
A sturdy weed cutting bucket designed and manufactured by MenSe®. Easy to attach onto e.g. excavators. The bucket can be used both below and above the water level. Also suitable for areas where the…

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Clearing blade add-ons

MenSe RT clearing blade is mountable as an add-on to all harvester heads. It can be used for integrated clearing and harvesting work. Click the picture of the model of your choice to get more information.…

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Slewing drives

Slew drives, are engineered products designed to facilitate smooth and controlled rotational movement in various industrial applications. They are complete ready-to-install unit of slewing ring for transfer of axial and radial forces as…

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Quick hitch couplers

Robust and cost-effective quick hitch couplers, available in S30-S70 variants with hydraulic or semi-automatic mechanical locking mechanisms. These couplers are supplied without upper side brackets, featuring a flat top plate with…

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Swivel Joints

Swivel joints for hydraulics are an important part of hydraulic systems, as they enable the passage of hydraulic hoses through rotating parts. They are well-suited for use with MenSe® MER slew drive, for example in excavator bucket…

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Hose clamps

MenSe® binding accessories offer a firm and gentle grip for hydraulic hoses, tubes and cables. 
The rubber-coated, metal-reinforced hose clamps suit ideally to all installation needs. Rubber coating reduces hose damage and ensures…

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Harvester feed wheels

The feed rollers have a significant impact on overall productivity, quality and ergonomics. MenSe® patented v-tec feed rollers are also available with a variety of grip surfaces to meet a wide range of customer needs.…

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Sawmill feed wheels

The structures of sawmill machines, especially log rotating bearings and shafts, are under heavy pressure when handling tree trunks. Supplementing the wheel structure with a flexible…

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Other products

Products for many applications, hydraulic swivel joints, reaction rods for truck trailers, high quality Mense merchandise and other interesting products what you should check out.…

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