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Hydraulic hose clamps

MenSe binding accessories offer firm and gentle grip for all hoses, tubes and cables. MenSe rubber coated hose clamps suit ideally to all installation needs. Rubber coating reduces hose damage and ensures accurate and safe grip. The bending hose clamp is easy and fast to install.
MenSe hose clamps with ex stock availability (number of hoses x hose diameter):
2 x Ø17 mm
2 x Ø22 mm
4 x Ø22 mm
5 x Ø22 mm
4 x Ø19-25 mm
4 x Ø22 mm + 1 x Ø13 mm + 1 x Ø10 mm
2 x Ø32 mm + 4 x Ø22 mm
We also manufacture special design hose clamps according to your needs.

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