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V-TEC feed wheels

MenSe V-TEC feed wheel properties video

Development work by MenSe Oy on the durable feed roller was accomplished by listening to feed roller and grab designers. The development work has resulted in a new solution, the V-Tec roller, which has even better grip and is cleaner. At the same time, damage to the wood surface is reduced.

What are advantages of the V-TEC feed wheel?

The gripping surface machined onto the diagonal shank in the direction of the axle forms a circular outer sphere, which feeds timber evenly. Cutting length is achieved faster, the operation becomes more effective, improving profitability. The spikes on the diagonal shank provide sturdy support for the timber. The rollers provide excellent grip in both feeding directions, backwards and forwards. The grip also minimizes surface damage. Gripping pressure may be lowered, which also provides savings in fuel costs. V-Tec has an open, light, non-clogging structure. The rollers are made of hard, tough abrasion resistant steel.

The range of V-TEC feed wheels continues to expand! You can find available models here.

v-tec feed wheels excellent grip
V-TEC Feed wheels excellent grip
v-tec feed wheels in harvester head
V-TEC Feed Wheels in harvester head

What users say

"Amazing grip. Most obvious difference to previous feed wheels that tree tops comes through intact. Feeds well backwards and forwards. Calibration is easy when tree trunk's surface is smooth compared to standard feed wheels." - Eero Santajoki

"Most amazing! You can lower gripping pressures considerably, from 90 to 70. Feeding speeds increased. Finds measures instantaneously. Only small dots on tree trunk = doesn't break the bark. I liked!! Not noisy. Goes through more smoothly than previous standard feed wheels. It's stupid to save money on the feed wheels. Money well spent. " - Reijo Pulkkinen, Pulkkinen Forest Oy

"Excelent grip. Doesn't damage the tree trunk. Very durable, almost 8000h used. Holds well in both directions, forwards or backwards. Ribs placed in interlaced order. At the begining it's tips get rounder but doesn't seem to affect performance. Doesn't clog. Gripping pressure is lower than on standard feed wheels. DOESN'T SHAKE." - Jussi Niemi, Koneurakointi J. Niemi Oy

Article about feed wheels (Koneviesti 16/2017)

The properties of the V-TEC roller are described in Koneviesti magazine (no. 16/2017). Read the article by clicking the image below.

v-tec article koneviesti

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