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Replacement blade RP8L

Replacement blade RP8L

Replacement blades for MenSe cutter RP8L

Product price

1 323,00 € / pcs

Price including VAT 24% is 1 640,52 €

Replacement blades for RP8L.
Mounting at MenSe Oy: 480 €€
Repair and maintenance at MenSe Oy: we'll give you a quote.
Order code: RP8L_teräpak

The blade material is tough 500 HB abrasion resistant steel. Even if the blade tips are rounded by impacts against stones, this will have no influence on the cutting efficiency. There is practically no need for sharpening (even though it can be done using an angle grinder). If the cutter runs into an iron bar or a similar obstacle, it stops. The cutter's power is insufficient to break the blade. The blades can be sent for repair at Mense Oy and once their lifetime is over, they can be replaced.

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