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Upper feed wheel, debarking Komatsu 398

A debarking upper feed wheel for Komatsu / Valmet 398 harvester heads.

Technical specifications
Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 31x31x17 cm
Mounting 6 bolts
Komatsu spare part code 5265241
Sales Komatsu Forest
Product code (SKU) STKO-398-YE.1

Debarking feed wheels have a surface covered with debarking blades instead of spikes. For the harvesting of trees which require immediate debarking, e.g. eucalyptus.

MenSe feed wheels are for You who appreciates long lifetime with low costs and financial benefit enabled by increased uptime. The warranty period covers 2000 working hours or 1 year.

We have manufactured feed wheels since 1994.

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