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RT7 clearing blade with tilt

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A clearing blade, mountable as an add-on to all harvester heads.

The delivery includes a quick-mounting part and a tilt.

Working width67 cm
Cutting diameter7 cm
Required oil flow70 l/min (max)
Maximum pressure~ 200 bar
Weight71 kg
Dimensions80 x 33 x 11 cm
Order codeRT7

The MenSe RT is a patented clearing add-on, which can be mounted as an attachment to all harvester heads. It can be used for integrated clearing and harvesting work. The reciprocal movement of the blade is created through a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder piston contains an integrated valve changing the direction automatically. Only one simple on/off valve is required for the pressure line. The pressure line can be branched for example of the valve of the head. The return oil flows directly into the tank line.

A new, effective method for mechanized pre clearing – a win-win situation for all

  • reduced total costs
  • better overall quality of the logging residue
  • harvesting work is not hindered by the use of the clearing blade attachment
  • Forest owners save costs in clearing work. Due to integrated working phases the harvesting is easier to carry out. Better yields through well-cared-for forests.
  • Forest entrepreneurs can offer larger ranges of harvesting service to its customers. Clearing adds value to harvesting work. Well planned clearing work contributes to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Customers save costs for administrative and organizational extra measures caused by the additional working process.
  • Shelter and food is available for the wild game animals, when only the growth hindering the harvesting work is removed. The diversity of the forest is also preserved, by not clearing everything away.

The MenSe RT clearing blade has a mechanism by which the blade is automatically rotated to the side when not in use. When the device is turned on, the blade turns to the working position.

Especially forest owners may benefit from this new method, indicates a survey made by the Finnish Forest Research Institute Metsäteho. According to the results the add-on saves 100 - 180 euros /hectare in forests under 11.000 trunks/ha compared to the conventional pre-clearing methods. In addition, it was observed that re-sprouting was very low on the sites where the clearing blade attachment was used.
The RT add-on comes in two different sizes: the RT5 is for small basic machines and e.g. for energy wood harvesting when a cutting diameter of 5 cm is enough. The RT7 is for medium-heavy and larger basic machines.
Model RT7
Weight 70 kg
Working width 67 cm
Cutting diameter 7 cm
Required oil flow max 70 l/min
Max. pressure ~ 200 bar

Mounting and use

The clearing blade is used with the harvester head connected and tilted upwards. Keep this in mind when planning how to attach the device. Quite often, a suitableposition can be found on the opposite side of the saw casing.

1) An adapter section to be welded is lightly mounted to the harvester head, with a couple of short welds. The part may then be modified to meet requirements.

2) The blade is installed in position.

3) The harvester head is turned to all possible positions, also when tilted upwards. This ensures that the blade does not hit the hoses, for example.

4) The adapter is welded firmly to the harvester head.

5) The clearing blade may be transferred sideways by repositioning the bolt interface.

Working pressure can be taken from a pressure-measuring nipple, for example. It is also possible to branch a line, which has sufficient flow and pressure when the harvester head is tilted upwards. Maximum flow rate for the RT7 model 75l/min = 300 strokes per minute. Too high an oil flow may cause malfunctions in the change of direction. With the correct flow rate the pressure returns to normal.

Max. pressure 210 bar. A throttle is needed for the pressure line. Use a 3/8 hose. Usually a free line can be found on the harvesting head cable or on the head module of the CAN bus for controlling the valve. Install the relay, delivered with the device, on the line. Make sure that the pressure and the return lines are correct (P= Pressure T= Tank).

The RT-attachment is also an ideal accessory for energy wood harvester heads. Small brushwood which are not worth collecting, can be efficiently cut with the attachment. As a result you will get everything done concurrently.
Left: a clearing blade - guillotine combination.

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