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Model LMZ (2 - 5,5 m) with height extension parts

Model LMZ (2 - 5,5 m) with height extension parts

Weed cutting bucket LMZ

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7 920,00 €

Price including VAT 24% is 9 820,80 €

Weed cutting bucket LMZ
For basic machines from 5 tons upward

A weed cutting bucket for cutting and collecting aquatic vegetation without removing soil, mountable on excavators or a mowing boom of a tractor.

For use in: ditches, shores, dam and settling tanks, runoff tanks, water features and other waterways

Width: 2,5 m

Available in different sizes for different sized basic machines. See tho models and videos down this page.

Order code: LMZ-2,50

An extension boom and a tilt are available as optional extra.

Brochure at this link, page 10.

Estimated delivery time 21 days

The weed-cutting bucket helps you improve the discharge of water by cutting and collecting aquatic vegetation from ditches and ditch banks. The bucket is not used for digging or dredging, but the aquatic vegetation is cut and collected from under the water cleanly, without removing any soil. When the cut vegetation is removed, culverts in ditches and tanks will not clog up.

Digging the heavy, wet soil from ditches is slow and difficult. When ditches are mowed two-three times a decade, the discharge in the ditches, e.g. on fields, will stay intact. This is how the considerably more expensive dredging can be postponed. It is not always good to make ditches deeper, because silting may result. Then nutrients will start to circulate. It is also not necessary to spread the dug soil onto fields.

Mowing can be done at lake and seashores without making the water muddy. In areas with summer cottages, the benefit is that the waterways won’t become muddy, which would annoy the holidaymakers. The ecosystem of the bottom will not be damaged during the work, since the bottom is not dredged, and vegetation is not removed with roots. The bucket can be mounted on excavators or a mowing boom of a tractor.

See working videos below:

Ultra Lite*): Manufactured with aluminum transmission
Mini heavy**): A strengthened version from Mini

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