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Cutter RP4L

Cutter RP4L

Cutter RP4L

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A cutter suitable for small (2000 kg->) basic machines

Technical specifications
Working width 130 cm
Max. cutting diameter with one cut 4 cm
Max. cutting diameter by sawing 5 cm
Required oil flow 20 l/min
3/8" G (BSP)2 pcs
Max. pressure ~ 200 bar
Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 139x36x17 cm
Product code (SKU)RP4L
If you order the RP4L cutter without any accessories, the delivery will include a free mounting plate the size of the cutter motor top. mounting plate

Our smallest cutter RP4L is especially suited for park areas and landscaping. Due to its small size it is mountable to even smaller basic machines.

See videos of our cutters at work on the RP6L page!


The cutting is safe for the user and the environment, since no debris is launched ino the air. It is possible to safely work in the city centers and near cars and residential areas, for example. With a cutter equipped with a rotator and tilting adaptor it is possible to cut various different shapes and, selectively, individual branches, for example. Depending on the driver, the cutter can produce very precise and neat work. The RP4L hedge cutters are used at green areas, parks, gardens, even underwater at water features on golf courses. With a tilting adaptor the cutting residue may be raked to the shore to be taken away.


 The cutter is attached using an adapter suitable to the customer's basic machine. The basic machine can be any machine equipped with a hydraulic boom. The oil flow sets the limits for which model is best suited for the basic machine (see technical data tables).


The functionality of our cutters is based on reciprocating cutting blades. The cutting takes place between the blade teeth. The blade material is tough 500 HB abrasion resistant steel. Even if the blade tips are rounded by impacts against stones, this will have no influence on the cutting efficiency. There is practically no need for sharpening (even though it can be done using an angle grinder). The blades can be sent for repair at Mense Oy and when their lifetime is over, they can be replaced. If the cutter runs into an iron bar or a similar obstacle, it stops. The cutter's power is insufficient to break the blade. All MenSe cutters can be operated vertically. The robust and simple design ensures long service intervals and hundreds of hours of uninterrupted operation.

Both blades of the cutter moves back and forth.


More videos of the MenSe® cutter can be watched on Youtube channel.

The blades of the cutter moves automatically with the aid of a special cylinder that changes its direction.


The long-lasting and almost maintenance-free cylinder ensures excellent reliability. Automatically redirecting hydraulic current cylinder Impact rate of up to 300 beats per minute. The cylinder produces a constant and high cutting force for the entire duration of the movement.


The shape and profile of the blades enable efficient cutting. Both blades move resulting to less blockage and the possibility to saw even a bit larger branches. The two-sided blade cuts to both directions. The working width with the RP4L model is 130 cm and a single cut breaks trunks up to 4 diameter. By sawing the maximum cutting diameter is about 5 cm. The cutter's long reach, also behind obstacles, and exact maneuvering enable exact and selective working improving the quality of the job. Optional accessories, i.e. a rotator, a tilt and an extension boom improve the usability even further.


The extension boom improves usability: the blade extends further from under the boom and reaches behind obstacles more conveniently. The extension boom can also be used as an aid when moving the machine. The roughness of surfices cut slows down re-sprouting. If necessary, the clearing and coppice control can be carried out at the same time, using the optionally available pesticide spray piping.

Available spare parts for this product that you can order. If you cannot find part that you're looking for, please contact us.

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