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Flexible aggressive feed roller 22x30 for SP 761 LF harvester heads

Flexible aggressive feed roller 22x30 for SP 761 LF harvester heads

Flexible feed wheel, aggressive grip 22×30 Eco Log 761 LF

Product price

2 680,35 € / pc

Price including VAT 24% is 3 323,63 €

A flexible, aggressive feed wheel for Eco Log 761 LF harvester heads.
A patented flexible structure.

Spikes: 22×30 mm
Weight: 133 kg
Dimensions: 53,2×53,2×39 cm
Mounting: 10 bolts
MenSe order codes: RUEL-761-AL (Left) RUEL-761-AR (Right) 
Varies by model

Aggressive surface is specially designed for demanding work conditions. Bigger spikes and rubber vulcanizing makes it faster and easier to handle tree trunks that have thick bark or plenty of branches and curves. Rubber vulcanized wheels reduce noise and shaking in the harvester cabin by suppressing vibrations. This increases drivers’ comfort and performance. Positive impacts can be especially noticed while handling hard wood types. The flexibility of the feed wheels adds to the precision of the grip, improving traction. The feed start runs smoother and the measuring of the cutting length is faster. The wheels roll easily over knot clusters as well. The maintenance costs can also be cut down significantly while the sharpest shocks to harvester head are softened.


MenSe feed wheels are for You who appreciates long lifetime with low costs and financial benefit enabled by increased uptime. The warranty period covers 2000 working hours or 1 year.

We have manufactured feed wheels since 1994.

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