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MenSe cutters – Operation and properties

Function principal

The functionality of our cutters is based on reciprocating cutting blades. Their shape and profile enable efficient cutting. Both blades move resulting to less blockage and the possibility to saw even a bit larger trunks. The two-sided blade cuts to both directions.

The cutter can be mounted to the lifting arm of an excavator, tractor, or mini loader, basically any carrier with a hydraulic boom with enough oil flow (minimum 20 l/min with RP4L model). It is attached to the carrier boom using an adapter tailored to the customer’s carrier.

cutter is cutting thicket
RP8L cutter is cutting thicket

Productive and exact

The hydraulically operated MenSe hedge cutter is lightweight and compact: The high cutting force and wide cutting area (1.3 - 2.4 meters) bring the efficiency of the cutter to a new level. The cutting blades cut 4-10 cm diameter trunks with a single stroke. The shape and profile of the blades also enable sawing, thus the clearing does not interrupt with even bigger trunks. The cutter's long reach, also behind obstacles, and exact maneuvering enable exact and selective working improving the quality of the job. Optional accessories, i.e. a rotator, a tilt and an extension boom improve the usability even further.

Safe, reliable and durable

The robust and simple design ensures long service intervals and hundreds of hours of uninterrupted operation. The MenSe hedge cutter cuts fast and does not block. The blades, made of Hardox 500 abrasion resistant steel, are insensitive to stones. The operating safety enables working also at closely populated areas. Cutting blades do not throw sparks, stones or particles to the neighborhood.



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