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Hydraulic rotator MenSe MER14 bottom

Hydraulic rotator MenSe MER14 bottom

Rotator MER14

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Rotator, hydraulic rotator, hydraulic slewing device, worm gear, worm rotator, hydraulic slewing drive... Just like the MER rotators have many names, they also have loads of different applications. In MenSe cutters, they expand the reach of the equipment. In forestry, real estate maintenance and agricultural machinery they offer several solutions, starting from rotating the bucket to applications requiring very high torques.

Rotator specifications
Maximum torque 5869.5 Nm
Tilting moment (max) 71.2 kNm
Holding torque 48 kNm
Axial load (max) 960 kN
Radial load (max) 360 kN
Transmission ratio of worm gear 86:1
Weight 67 kg
Color black
Maximum size of basic machine ~ 10 tn

Includes hydraulic motor: Model BMR160 [157.2 cm3 /rev.], couplings 7/8" - 14 UNF (SAE). Two 1/2" BSP output fittings (BSP-SAE adapter) are supplied with the rotator.

Additional information on MER-rotators what grease you should use and it's rotation speed.

Additional information
Recommended greaseMobiltemp SHC 100
Greasing intervalAfter 300 operating hours or 6 months
Screw and ring gear material42CrMo
SealingOuter axle sealing, inner ring rubber lip
Operating temperature-30 °C — +60 °C
Rotating speed, heavy load~ 2,5 rpm (max.)
Rotating speed, light load

~ 5 rpm (max.)

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Rotator MER14 - Measurements

hydraulic rotator mense mer14 measurements

The rotator produces an unlimited and continuous slewing motion without slipping when supporting a heavy load. Well-controlled and steady slewing motion makes working safer and more efficient.

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