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Quick hitch coupler S30/180, mechanical locking

Quick hitch coupler S30/180, mechanical locking

Quick hitch coupler S30/180, mechanical locking

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Affordable and durable S-series S30/180 quick hitch coupler with semi-automatic mechanical locking. The low profile, horizontal opening lever allows use on applications such as bucket rotators where there is not enough room for a conventional lever.

Technical specifications
Fastening plate measurements287 x 262 mm
Distance between tenons220 mm
Tenon diameter30 mm
Width180 mm
Height108 mm
Maximum size of basic machine~ 2 tn
Weight22.2 kg
Product codePK-S30/180-ML

Supplied without mounting bracket. Holes in the quick hitch coupler mounting plate allow the use of various adapters and mounting solutions.

It is also possible to weld the mounting brackets directly onto the quick hitch coupler.

Additional information on mechanical and hydraulic models

A list of available hydraulic and mechanically working quick hitch coupler models. You can easily compare their specifications and choose what fits best for your needs.

Hydraulic couplers

There're two BSP connectors for it's locking mechanism. Hydraulic quick hitch couplers fits great for places where you need to change equipment frequently.

ModelWeight (kg)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)

Mechanical coupler

Semi automatic couplers are easy to install and it's suitable places where you changes tools less often.

ModelWeight (kg)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)

Available spare parts for this product that you can order. If you cannot find part that you're looking for, please contact us.

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